Thursday, February 24, 2011

Weaving Woolen Yarns

Yesterday I started my first Zapotec weaving since attending a workshop 6 years ago in Mexcio with my sister.  It seems like only last year that we met in Oaxaca and traveled to the village of Teotitlan to learn to how to weave and dye with natural dyes.  Master Weaver and Dyer Demetrio Bautista Lazo hosted my sister and I for the 10 day workshop in his home (or what Americans might call a Bed and Breakfast).  We enjoyed a week of delicious meals made by Maribel, Demetrio's wife, collecting moss, chamomile and tree bark for natural dying, visiting local markets, and weaving -the best part!

The two yellow yarns in my weaving were dyed in Mexico from Bejuco, a parasitic moss native to Oaxaca and Chamomile (Wild Tarragon) also native to Oaxaca. The brown yarns are from our colored Angora goats blended with natural colored wool fleeces from an Indiana sheep farmer.

Ned, the lamb is doing great by the way.  He's adjusting to being a lamb in a barn again and hanging out with his other bigger friends in the creep pen.  He has a hearty appetite and he's always vocal when he hears a human voice.

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