Monday, March 7, 2011

Almost Done Lambing

Last week, 9015 delivered a single ram lamb all on her own. He's had a difficult time finding the mother's teet to nurse so they spent a few extra days in the lambing pen. Then #14 delivered a single ewe lamb last night just before feeding. I found the lamb and the mother in the back stall near the creep pen. It was also past Ned's feeding time which thoroughly confused #14. He was right in the middle of the three of us bleating for attention. I attempted to lure the mother to a pen by carrying her ewe lamb, but Ned was underfoot and the ewe lost interest part way there.  After a few attempts, I opted to just created a pen with the panels against the wall. 

We had an opportunity to visit the neighbor's Dorset lambs. They were easy to photograph and the lighting was great in their old red barn. 

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